Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Am currently sitting in the window box at IASKA on a cushion, laptop on knees with projector at full screen in front of me- I'm typing as the odd interloper checks over my shoulder. Many roadtrains are rumbling past as the sun goes down behind the hill to my right. Its been a lovely ramble around the back "streets" of Kellerberrin today. The odd conversation but mainly no one on the streets today. There is life in the old town at times though- many long haul trains running on their way to Perth. Few people looking over my shoulder now. Man its quite warm in this box. Getting thirsty- may have to pop up "the" pub- Will sit here for a half hour more and run through the site so people can read. Anyway i'll post this as is- where did you post the images I sent yesterday, can't spot them. Take care.


At 30 June 2004 at 09:10, Blogger Lucy (UK) said...

Aahh the images. They will be up shortly. Things slowed down dractically here last night as my head decided to implode on me and I was pretty much incapacitated with a migraine. Just briefly going back to the idea of the gait illustrating medical conditions - well that aint so daft as I can hardly walk when these things really blow. I get the pain all the time or as near as damn it so that I tend to forget it isn't constant, and then occasionally the big whammy and I'm out. So that was last night, when I really wanted to be writing and walking.


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