Wednesday, June 30, 2004

walking scales

Vast scale is right- its about 2,500 kms from one end of my state (shire in UK) to the other, about 2 and a half days drive straight through. I think I read somewhere you could fit the UK landmass in Western Australia about 8 times. So in this kind of scale walks quickly become treks or pilgrimages. I was reading this morning in a local history book that it wasn't unusual in pioneering days (early 1900s) for people to walk a twenty mile round trip for groceries and/or water. Thats a fair hike so I dont think I'll complain about walking down the shops anymore. Kellerberrin sits about a days walk from any other town, about 30 or 40 kms either way. There is some towns with great names around here...Doodlakine, Koolyanobbing, Wyalkatchem, Burracoppin, Mukinbudin...fantastic! Hang on my boys just chuckin a wobbly! Where was I, oh yeah, a lot of these names are english castrations of local Aboriginal names for these places...the names usually mean a place where an animal can be found- Kellerberrin is named after a particularly ferocious ant. The funny thing is it describes the landscape well, and you've got to look out for these ants when your walking- they like a bit of flesh- so perhaps walking with a gait with eyes down does not denote a morbid man but just a man looking out for his toes! As I wrote yeaterday there is just one road coming in and out of town but there is a few side dirt tracks and rail crossings and these are what I'm going to explore today. My family and I are staying in a homestead about 15 kms north of town so I've checked out a few tracks already and there is some fantastic scenery and old ramshackle buildings around. Where are you in relation to the gallery at Leeds Uni- what do you have to walk through to get to the gallery? A you developing a methodology as you go? I have to admit I walking in the WA countryside in awesome and spacious but I do miss the winding lanes of the UK.


At 30 June 2004 at 09:22, Blogger Lucy (UK) said...

I was thinking about this when I went up to the gallery the other night. The area around the gallery is very familiar to me as it exists in a kind of campus which is joined on to the University (the gallery is part of the Metropolitan Uni) and the Leeds General Infirmary. I used to work at the infirmary and they always said that you could walk nearly all the way across Leeds from the Uni using the maze of corridors and shopping centres. I often take cut throughs which are a bit naughty, through the hosptial and the Uni grounds. But on Tuesday I found a way up to the gallery in the Met Uni which I didn't know existed. It is a land of redundant grass and concrete - 'open' spaces which are never used but are well maintained.Now I know I can I think I will literally turn left out of the gallery and start my walk today in the midst of the towerblocks and canteens.

At 1 July 2004 at 06:53, Blogger Ric (WA) said...

I like the idea of walking across Leeds using corridors and arcades- very flaneur- have you actually done this?

At 1 July 2004 at 13:54, Blogger Lucy (UK) said...

No I've never tried it fully. I do it often though in small amounts, moving through the internal corridors of the Hospital and the exterior passageways of the University. Joe took me in to the part of the uni that has the longest corridor in the world. Takes nearly half an hour to walk it apparently. I think I might try it tomorrow, hoping in and out around these corridors.


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