Tuesday, June 29, 2004

when the exit sign is on the blink

The idea of the only road, in being the only road out is accentuated a thousand times over in a small town like Kellerberrin. This town is situated on the "Great Eastern HIghway", some 300 kms (200 miles) east of Perth. One road thru town, one in and the same one out. Well at least it makes directions easy, but the interesting thing is that it feels endless- the space is eternal all around you and as such yes you still feel like the focal point of the universe, the orientation point (the commander in cheif as Bakhtin put it) but you feel like a mighty small orientation point and this town- on this street- its exactly like the built facade on the set of a western movie- there is literally nothing behind it- except a beautiful little community- thats all that holds it together. Walking in such surrounds that are liable to blow away in the dust of the next roadtrain is so not like walking in Glasgow or London or a heavy encompassing environment... it not better or worse...its different, emotionally, spiritually- I feel tendered when I'm walking around the uk, tied to something, grounded- there's nothing to tie you to anything out here- the wind really does blow thru your ears and lick at your heals.


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