Thursday, July 01, 2004

Afternoon musings

Have spent the afternoon commenting on some of your posts, which I got involved in , and also developing a slide show of my images which I ran on the projector in the window box for a hour or so late this arvo. They cast a shadow like reflection on the glass which overlays their reflective surroundings. I'll send you a couple of images to show you. Am having trouble with my digital camera which is not helping proceedings- ah technology.


At 1 July 2004 at 15:12, Blogger Lucy (UK) said...

I get the feeling of quite a reflective environment due to the number of images of windows that you have posted. I like the sound of the slide show and it reminds me of the voyeuristic nature of the Sonambulism piece you did in the shop front. Did people stop to look? There are so many layers appearing through this in terms of abstracting and re-presenting what is in the immediate environs of where we are working.

At 2 July 2004 at 04:45, Blogger Ric (WA) said...

Damn right its reflective, every window I look in around here I see me in amongst my family history. I have been walking mainly with my family, or parts there of on each walk. When I look in a window I see them next to me- I see my girl and boy in context to their mum and dad and I also see me within the context of my mum and dad and then I see them in context to their mum and dad and so on... I guess this is because my folks grew up in two towns not far from here and as such I, in a way, come from these parts- my family history is here and it seems every window is reminding me of this.


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