Friday, July 02, 2004

country walking

Went out for a long walk in the paddocks of the farm I'm staying on this morning. Absolutely freezing wind blowing as I trudged past old homesteads, water tanks and gates off their hinges. Stunning colours, rolling flats and gravel tracks peeled out in front of me. The sunrise this morning was two slits of orange coming out from behind grey clouds, greeted standing next to an outdoor fire, still red embers from the night before and remnants of music, chat and drink laying around. Got to the top of a small hill only to see dark clouds gathering on the horizon, these soon came in and torrential rain ensued. Was back at the farmstay in time but the walking for today seems over, at least until later. Its been raining for four hours now with no sign of letting up.


At 3 July 2004 at 11:00, Blogger Lucy (UK) said...

When it rains everything smells amazing here. The blossoms and the insects buzzing through and the pollen count shoots up and we all start sneezing. Are there particular smells that take over when it rains in the vast lands of the farm?

At 3 July 2004 at 13:08, Blogger Ric (WA) said...

There are particular smells, the faeces of various animals is perhaps the most pungent. But its mainly a wet, damp grassy smell and its the eucalyptus trees that really come to the fore when they get wet. A beautiful, oily, minty smell that comes off the leaves and sits in the wind. A very soothing, very earthy smell.


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