Thursday, July 01, 2004

mainstreet conversations

Great to read so much from you, sorry to hear of your continuing migraine problems. The weather there looks crap, its the middle of winter here and a bit cool- around 20 c. Anyway today I have concentrated less on walking extensively and become more involved in what is the busy mainstreet town today. I have been rambling the mainstreet and have become immersed in a few conversations with people and am feeling this is the path today's work is taking me on. Just talked to an Arts administration student who is on her way from Perth to work at an arts festival in Darwin, travelling by car with her mum who is 55 and just quit work. Also talked to two guys originally from Sweden who are now Kellerberrin residents, one was called teardrops because of the tattoos under his eyes, one for each family member he has lost- one in 1978, 88, and 98. He also had tats all over the rest of him but he said these were just social rebellion. They were both happy now, although they had done gaol time, and not interested in returning to Sweden at any stage, happy and blessed they said in the lifestyle they had here. Also talked to a farmer who has 40 odd kms of farm and is out spraying it with nutrients and insecticide until september. Another farmer said she was planting 10,000 trees a day all this week in an effort to combat salination problems in the soil. Its only 2 pm here so will write of more through the day.


At 1 July 2004 at 15:17, Blogger Lucy (UK) said...

I don't imagine trees there. 10,000 a day? Have you read 'The Man Who Planted Trees'? It is a short story that my friend lent me to cheer me up once. She was given it by an ex to make her feel better and she then lends it to people to help them. It is a beautiful story about a man who changes a barren, deserted landscape in to a thriving area with the rivers flowing again, the people being happy and falling love where they were bitter and sour before. He just keeps planting and planting thousands of trees. The edition I read was epilogued by the authors daughter. She tells of how it is a total fiction but her father wrote it for a magazine that wouldn't pubich it because it wasn't true. But what a beautiful fiction. And who says it isn't true? If it exists as truth for the reader whilst they are reading it then why should it not exist as truth after?


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