Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Sketchbook web links

I've worked out how to alter the template to add things down the side of the page so I thought I would explain the new links I've added.

I have come across some interesting sites all linked around a group called Luna Nera. They are putting on a project in Russia called Kronstadt2004, on an island off the coast of St.Petersburg. It was built as a naval base and looks like an incredible site. They will be exploring it site-specifically using an old residence and a tent struture.

The info on the project is at Kronstadt2004

From that I started exploring those involved and came across Gillian McIver and her research MA project 'art/site'.I've yet to read it in detail but it seems to contain some interesting models of investigation in to site as well as

And finally the group that seems to be behind the whole thing, Luna Nera. They also intitated the Derelict Sensation show at St.Pancras Station. Their site is Luna Nera


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