Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Maybe it was the sky?

Looking around the city there are always things out of place but when more than one interputs your path on a nights walk then you start to wonder. Last night, in between looking at the sky, my companions and I began observing the derelict and the faded.



At 30 June 2004 at 08:25, Blogger Ric (WA) said...

Love the wheelbarrow shot!

At 30 June 2004 at 09:42, Blogger Lucy (UK) said...

I found the wheel barrow on these stairs, it's where I go to eat my lunch at work but it was actually walking home quite late at night when I found it. The area makes me feel a bit uncomfortable as there isn't really anywhere to go and there is a school opposite where I like to sit. The area has been given some 'public art' and there is a big bit of stone which is meant to represent an old legend of the area. I hope it is made up. The wheel barrow is still there, just pushed in to the grass on the side now.


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