Thursday, June 24, 2004

conversational technology

I am beginning to wonder about my new love, the blog. It's nature is becoming apparent in it's failure. Wanting to this to work, time is being wasted messing about with invites and usernames, trying to falsify identity to register on another's behalf. Would a few text messages and emails have sufficed to share the same correspondance or does the inanane faffing that exists around these endaeavours serve to test your ability to communicate without face to face contact. Tact and subtelty is a difficult skill at the best of times but is harder still when you are reliant on the exclamation mark and the smiley.

Still I like the public nature of this forum and feel that is worth pursuing if only to find that the communication exists on a number of levels, and that this mulitplicity is actually what is important. I am intrigued by the nature of the web the tempoarary and the immediacy, yet it is full of old dusty information. Like the car boot sale that my brother found on the internet, only to turn up with a boot full of junk to find it hadn't been there for years.

Let's see how we go...


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